Sam Smith Shares New Album “Gloria” Tracks

Sam Smith Shares New Album “Gloria” Track List

Sam Smith Shares New Track

Sam Smith Shares New New Album “Gloria” as it Drops Soon. Sam Smith has shared a new lovely song and the album drops on the 27th of January.

Sam Smith has made available the album’s title tune in advance of their fourth album’s release on January 27.

Sam Smith calls the song “my queer love hymn, stating life is a song to Gloria, the thing I can’t put a word to,” when speaking about the new single.

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I’m not sure if what I’m releasing is natural energy or a feminine energy inside of me.

Sam previously said, “I’m feeling overwhelmed and tearful as I start to let go of Gloria and leave this task over to you,” when discussing their upcoming album on Instagram.

Making this music was magical in every aspect, and by giving you this record, I’m also offering you a bit of my heart and soul.

Gloria was a light for me in my life and helped me get through some difficult times. That is my sincere wish for you. I appreciate you waiting so long.

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